Natasha Papousek

Susanne Flowers

Susanne Flowers was influenced at a very young age by a mother who loved to draw.

She received youth art scholarships throughout her formative years and studied fine and commercial art in college. She moved to Southern California from the Midwest in 1980.  The vibrancy and vitality of the Southwest and nearby Mexico inspired her to excel and mature as an artist.

Susanne has worked in advertising design, fashion merchandise display, editorial illustration and community education.  She has won numerous awards and has been juried into many national and regional exhibitions, including California, Arizona, Michigan, Canada and Mexico.


“Spontaneity is the key.  I want my art to be fresh, lively and filled with emotion.  I like to set a mood and build a small amount of tension in my work. Capturing a moment in time is the ultimate goal — that half second when truth reveals itself.”