Shilpi Prasad

Shilpi Prasad

I was born and raised in Renukoot – a small and beautiful town in the Southeast part of Uttar Pradesh (India). This town, surrounded by gorgeous hills, forests, and massive water-falls, inspired my appreciation for art from a very young age.

I began painting at the age of six and produced many art pieces with the oil and acrylic media, but my love of nature truly manifested in my art when I visited the ancient city of Mithila and its surrounding villages. Every house is adorned with a unique representation of nature in its own way, through a unique style known as mithila painting. Mithila paintings represent nature through intricate and detailed lineart, along with vibrant colors, and because I was surrounded by nature for most of my life, I fell in love with this form of art right away! Mithila paintings are bound to mesmerize their observers.

After spending months with local Mithila artists, I was determined to do my share of support for the community, by uplifting this tremendous form of art by supporting local artists, many of whom live in extreme poverty. Mithila art faces endangerment, as the new generation moves away from this city, and in return, its artwork.

As a freelance artist, I am self taught and have developed my own unique style based on my experiences. My understanding of art, attention to detail, and meticulous color application brings a striking realism to my work.

It is my endeavor to bring Mithila art to the rest of the world, through my exhibitions and future projects.