Rustin Holec

Rustin Holec

Native to and resident of San Diego California, Rustin has always enjoyed the mild Mediterranean climate and vast diversity found throughout Southern California, and often wanders the local mountains and coastline in search of inspiration. His preferred painting medium is oil, attempting to capture and express a moment inspired by the peaceful serenity in a landscape, the mood and flow in a seascape, expression or suggestion within a portrait or figure, or perhaps combining facets of each to create and tell a story.

Around the turn of the millennium, he was introduced to and began studying under Mr. Jack Jordan, a well-known and respected artist and illustrator with already over four decades of experience, from whom he learned to better understand and master the key elements of composition, color theory, and value differential, as well as supporting elements like frame construction, sketchbooking, featuring shows, and balancing the business of with the passion for creating art.

Today, Rustin’s focus remains with oil, and he teaches fluid art and structured compositional techniques with acrylics. He is featured in two local San Diego studios, Southwestern Artists in Studio 23 Spanish Village Balboa Park, and Foothills Art Association at Porter Hall in La Mesa.

Through art, we see the world beyond the limitations of sight alone.  Art adds imagination and unbound possibilities to our sense of self as well as to our perception of the physical realm surrounding us every moment of every day.  A piece of art can brighten or perhaps add mystery to a room, create or amplify mood, invoke thought, focus ambitions, expand upon dreams, and so much more.  Since the dawn of time man has scratched images of his daily life on rocks, used a multitude of techniques to record history and share stories, and the arts in general have been society’s medium for expression.

As an artist, I search for that which speaks to me emotionally, and my hope is that my artwork speaks to you personally and to such strength that it stirs imagination with each visit.