Shilpi Prasad

Rodger Mitchell

I am a self taught art student, attended Sweetwater high school in National City, taking art classes, drawing, drafting, along with different types of media. I took the classes in oils, watercolors, pastels But my love is in oils. I have continued to study by reading books on different master painters. The love of art has always been in my mind, but with raising my family behind me, when our youngest child left home that room became my art spot and became another adventure.

I have found that the oils work best for me and my style has become a variety of different types. I enjoy placing hidden items in my oils, as it will interest the grandkids and you the public when looking into my art. Everyone finds something to enjoy and I find the fun in talking to people as they do. My hidden pictures are found at random and I even enjoy finding something I didn’t find before.