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Liane Glasrud

Liane Glasrud’s love for art developed from growing up in a large family that took creativity seriously.  Her art training has always been in non-traditional art classes such as non-Western Art History, Mythology, Stage Design plus college craft classes. She is self-taught with the aid of three wonderful art mentors!   She used art throughout her Therapeutic Recreation career  in Psychiatric Hospitals to teach self expression and decision making.  She then used art to teach various concepts and skills as a teacher for over twenty years! She states, “the patients and students would come alive with excitement and pride to be able to create something and to share with others.” Liane has taken a slow road to transition from a teacher to an artist; both use imagination and perseverance.

Pursuing her passion in art, Liane brings her interest in nature, travel and humor to her work.  She works primarily with papers and acrylic mediums. She loves working with PAPER because of its variety and texture. Plus the challenges it presents.   Depending on her mood and what the image is that is in her head, she decides if she will use scissors for straight lines or tear for a more organic effect.

Liane’s ART IDEAS come from photographs, travels and at times experiments.  Some of her projects are very abstract, some have graphic design qualities while others have a bit of realism.   She has been leaning towards nature and flowers of late.   Liane  gets her papers from all over the world such as: Thailand, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam. Liane has shown her work in Galleries and exhibits through the Southwest where she has won Best in Show twice and other awards.   She has taken on commissioned work.  Her pieces are included in private collections throughout the US, Japan, Canada, China, Italy, and Israel. Liane has taught adult and children’s classes in both Prescott, Arizona and San Diego, CA!


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