JoAnn Pastori

JoAnn Pastori

Can you feel the conflict, tension, anger and divide int this world? Can you feel the connections between people, animals, plants, dirt and air? I can! So my art is changing and I am constantly being inspired.

To make my fused glass art, I take bits and pieces of glass, put them on a tilted shelf in my kiln and let heat and gravity do the work. It creates painterly strokes that I can then cut up when cooled and add more cut up glass and bits and pieces  and create something that didn’t exist ever before in this world.

I am playing in glass and doing more playing in my abstract, intuitive paintings. All have hope because we can never let go of hope. For twenty one years, I have created art in glass and have recently become an abstract, disrupted painter. I am currently taking a class from Nicholas Wilton and have had courses taught by Narcissus Quagliata, Patty Gray, Tom Marouz and many others. My formal schooling is in Anthropology and Archaeology.I am a member of the Art Glass Association of Southern California and Studio 23 in Spanish Village Art Association in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.  My glass art has won awards with the AGASC and the San Diego County Fair and can be seen internationally.

My most cherished accomplishment is being a hands-on grandma of 8 smaller human beings, all of whom are very creative.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it touches your soul and makes your day better. To sum this all up in a quote from The Story People, “There is still time to build a world of peace, of easy words and bright rooms, where everywhere we go we will be home.”