Cristiana Brusco

Carol Shamrock

BACKGROUND:  My humble art beginnings were never humble. As a young child, I once bartered with my parents to buy me the then biggest box of crayons available, made up of 64 colors.  In exchange, I agreed to get my tonsils out.   This is where it all began. My adolescent awkwardness took a while to find direction. While attending San Dieguito High School, I met my first and forever love, art.   That changed everything.   

MIDDLEGROUND: I majored in art twice, receiving an AA Degree from Santa Barbara City College, and a BA in Art from San Diego State University. Later, I received my Secondary Credential in Art and taught grades K-12.  As an artist and art teacher I felt I had the perfect marriage. After 30 years of teaching, I am honored remain in touch with many of my students, now with families of their own. 


FOREGROUND: Going forward, I want to utilize my background and experience to give back to my community as I continue to grow and evolve as an artist.  


As an artist, I have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally. I love to travel to places that are rich in history and culture.   I spent a few years in the high desert of Arizona, and enjoyed interpreting its glorious landscapes.   My studio is a place where creativity takes wings and allows me to retain the wonder of an idea as it evolves into a visible form. My style is varied, but leans toward Contemporary Realism and Abstract Art.  In some of my paintings, I use the  juxtaposition of ideas infusing the unexpected.  My inspiration is rooted in color, and the subjects I paint determine my choice of medium and style.  So whether the medium is acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media or handcrafted jewelry, each provides a kaleidoscope for me to look through and explore new possibilities for expression.

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