Asha Sisson

Asha Sisson

Having lived in several countries including India, Malaysia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea, before settling in the United States, Asha feels fortunate to be exposed to humanity’s extraordinary diversity and nature’s infinite variations.

The intermingling of culture and art in these countries and the presence of vibrant color in the flora, fauna, architecture, traditional outfits and festivities has influenced and enriched her artistic work on canvas.  It has also helped her to see the world from a unique perspective, that beauty is not merely physical and worldly but also ethereal and mystical and she hopes to convey this through her work.

Currently painting in acrylic because of its versatility, Asha uses expressive brush strokes and vibrant colors to convey the mood and emotions in her paintings. The subjects in her work are nature inspired and contemplative. Her work has been exhibited at local galleries and shows and won several awards.   She also has collectors locally, nationally and internationally.

​”This artistic journey” she says, “is like the universe itself. It is infinite and forever unfolding!”